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Business model

  • In the beginning the revenue is going to be mostly coming from the CRYPTICS forecast engine.
  • At later stages new revenue stream will come as a small percentage over profits and/or turnover of fund managers.
  • There are three areas of monetization forecasted for the year 2021:– Platform revenues (basic and premium) 94% ≈ 90.000.000 $– Advertising revenues 5% ≈ 5.000.000 $– Closed funds infrastructure 1% ≈ 1.000.000 $
  • By the year 2021 we expecting to reach
    88.000 users with 1084$ ARPU (Total Revenue 96M$)

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Get the most reliable predictions on cryptocurrencies based on AI and collective intelligence

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Receive Data from more than 100,000 sources including Market Influencers, Top Trader, PR and Social Networks.

Analyze Data with the help of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods

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Crypto-Trading AI Platform

Our goal is to increase safety and reliability of cryptocurrency markets by providing accurate forecast models and understanding of market dynamics.


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Budget Allocation

Product development 25%
Marketing, sales, partnership 50%
Management, employee salaries 20%
Legal expanses 5%
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