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As Bitcoin continues its fall, many are starting to wonder whether the idea of introducing blockchain technology in general was such a good idea for investment in the long run.

Everyone knows that for a technology to be adopted, it must first prove its value to ordinary citizens. At the moment, blockchain and Bitcoin in particular have proven to be effective only to a select group of individuals who have the capital to afford such acquisitions and increasing their capitalization. The blockchain technological revolution is slowly grinding to a halt as scams and a huge number of issues continue to plague it.


Transaction speeds are bringing about the end of Bitcoin as Ethereum, its competitor, continues to improve its positions with more projects moving to it or NEM or even NEO. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the vast majority of these projects could do perfectly well without blockchain and the need for ICOs or tokens.


As more cryptocurrencies fail and begin to spiral into the depths of despair together with their investors watching project founders waltzing away into the sunset with funds raised on scam ICOs, trust, the key coin of the once prophesied transparent blockchain marketplace, is starting to wane.

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With ever more investors being disparaged by losses sustained on ICOs, the collapse of the ICOs and cryptocurrency bubble may seem to be drawing nearer.


Though the crypto market is still relatively new and lacks many of the traditional institutions of a civilized market, there are projects on the market that seek to indemnify or mitigate the associated risks that investors take when deciding to invest in projects. Cryptics is one such project that seeks to offer the necessary instruments for alleviating the situation with uncertainty. The concept behind it is to support market participants by providing liquidity on exchanges and a safety cushion for retail investors by creating a platform that connects market players and develops algorithms to predict changes in the value of cryptocurrencies. Such instruments based on highly advanced scoring models involving machine learning and AI are incomparable with human intuition that even the luckiest and most prudent investors could ever be endowed with. The multitude of factors involved in predicting a cryptocurrency’s rise or fall are all taken into account by the algorithms that Cryptics employs. Investors should consult such projects as the expense is well worth the ensured profit and peace of mind.



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