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German automotive group Daimler, owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand, presented its own MobiCOIN cryptocurrency project during the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.


The project, which is in the experimental stage, represents a digital currency designed to encourage drivers who adhere to the principles of environmentally friendly driving.


The pilot project, which involves 500 Mercedes drivers, started in February and will last three months. In the course of the experiment, participants can earn MobiCOIN by collecting “environmental tokens”, counting which takes into account such things as smooth acceleration and braking.


The data of the vehicle’s onboard computer is tied to a mobile application – the wallet to which MobiCOIN is received. You can find out the results only after the end of the trip. Drivers who reach the highest scores and prove that they care about the cleanliness of the environment will be able to exchange MobiCOIN for tickets to various events, for example the MercedesCup finale or the fashion week in Berlin.

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At the heart of Daimler’s digital currency is blockchain technology, as well as the basis for existing cryptocurrencies. “Blockchain with its decentralized architecture will open new business models and multiply the opportunities for interaction between small and large players,” said Jonas von Malottki, an expert on Daimler blockchains.


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