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A mass cyber attack, aimed at infecting computers with a crypto miner, was detected by Microsoft experts. Over 400 thousand people could be the victims of criminals.


Web analytics found digital traces of a campaign for the spread of malware. The 80 thousand strong complex of Trojans capable of disguising themselves and trying to overcome protection modules continuously for 12 hours was revealed to be created specifically for installing crypto miners. The attack was reflected in a Microsoft software product called Windows Defender (Windows Defender).


The virus turned out to be a miner that tried to adapt captured computers to the extraction of the Electroneum cryptocurrency. The majority (300 thousand) of the potential victims were on the territory of Russia.


The malicious software could be classified as a threat and blocked almost immediately. Representatives of Microsoft said that “Windows Defender” detected the viruses due to the recently introduced capabilities of machine learning and cloud computing.

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Scripts for mining have become a frequent tool for hackers. Recently, hidden mechanisms for selling the production of cryptocurrency have been found in advertising banners on YouTube. The malicious software downgrades the computer’s processing power by 80 percent while the user watched videos. Identical programs are often placed by cybercriminals on sites with adult content.


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