FRAUD WARNING: Please be careful and do not send money to wallets addresses received from suspicious sources.
Do not share your private keys, passwords or personal data through untrusted channels. Stay alert and double check information on cryptics.tech official pages.

Hyperlinks to all available social media accounts and web pages

Web-site: https://cryptics.tech/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2092341.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptics.tech/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypticsup
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptics_eng
Telegram (rus): https://t.me/cryptics_rus
Medium: https://medium.com/cryptics
Slack: https://cryptics.slack.com/messages/@cryptics/
GitHub: https://github.com/CrypticsAI
Reddit: coming soon
LinkedIn:  coming soon
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPchrnOPZUh7-Ih5gvGgvVw 


Q: What is Cryptics?

A: Cryptics is a platform that unites investors, traders and quantitative researchers in their goal to gain profit from cryptocurrency markets. We also have our own prediction AI which is based on neural network and generates predictions with 64% accuracy.

At CRYPTICS we plan to cover the gap between the knowledge and capital by providing traders with an opportunity to run their strategies on the CRYPTICS platform.

Q: Can you tell more about this prediction model?

CRYPTICS model will generate forecasts for different time periods based on several numerous sources. The outcome will be a predicted probability of the move direction and the expected value of its size, together with the accuracy estimates. The comprehensiveness of the input data and the predictions is one of the main advantages of using CRYPTICS, in contrast to a simple analysis of one or more data sources, or existing information panels. On a cold start we can already guarantee the prediction accuracy of 64% one day ahead, which we are aiming to improve up until 75% for the hot start.

Q: When does ITO start and how long will it last?

A: IТO starts in Q1/2018 — the exact dates we will post on the website and in social media channels as well as informing our whitelist subscriber via Email

Q: Why do you need blockchain?

A: The blockchain Ethereum based technology will allow transparency and high scalability of our platform. The main point for the trust in the private funds infrastructure are the smart-contracts that ensure a full transparency and also as an SLA regulator for our service.

Q: Why do you use ethereum?

A: Ethereum network is the most popular token issuing platform that allows its issuers to use a lot features. Besides upcoming network upgrades will allow to do as many transactions as users may be needed. The smart-contracts allow us to build an fair and transparent fund infrastructure to grow a high number of private funds build on trust.

Q: What is the function of Cryptics (CRP) tokens in the platform?

A: CRP token is used to pay for, forecasts subscriptions and is the only mean of payment in the platform. CRP is the payment for investing in private funds on our platform, as well as get paid for traders for their strategies and investors to get return on investments from the private funds.

Q: Do you have hard or soft cap?

Hard cap = 66 000 000 CRP

Q: What is the value of 1 CRP?

A: Cost of 1 CRP = 0,001 ETH.

Q: How do you plan to spend the budget?

A: We plan to allocate ITO budget as following

Collected funds will be used to develop a self-learning platform based on artificial intelligence, global marketing of the project, the creation of a sales department and contextual advertising. CRYPTICS will start accepting CRP tokens as payment for services in the platform. 


Q: Are you going to list CRP? When and where?

A: Listing is essential part of our ITO process and we will announce the exchanges as soon as the info will be available. Stay tuned to our newsletter to get the info updates. We are working already close with the platforms to get listed with common exchanges.

Q: Will tokens be available for pre-sale? How can I join?

PreITO starts in Q1/2018 — the exact dates we will post on the website and in social media channels as well as informing our whitelist subscriber via Email. With 2 000 000 CRP offered for sale.

– Hard Cap — 2.000.000 CRP

Please get whitelisted here: https://cryptics.tech/en/cryptics-whitelist/ 

We offer 37,5% during pre-sale

Cost of 1 CRP = 0,001 ETH.

On PreITO we will offer special Bonus System.

Minimum deposit is set to 20 ETH

Q: Does your project have an open source code?

A: Yes, parts of the code will be available on GitHub. Please keep in mind that we are an AI based project and we can’t share the whole code because of company interest reasons.

Q: At what development stage are you currently at?

A: We already have historical results and post daily prediction researches in our social media which shows 1 day ahead analysis.

Next step is to create HFT module which will show results 10-15 seconds further. This is will be helpful for intraday traders, scalpers and any person who is seeking a good condition to enter into asset.

We also developed a module to collect all important social and news signals that we can use in our neuronal network, to make the forecasts more valuable and flexible.

Q: Who exactly am I contracting with? 

A: CRYPTICS is a team of experienced professionals and advisory body with track record of successful projects. CRYPTICS product and service offering is described in detailed in CRPTICS white paper. Enterprise is located in Scotland.

Q: Where is my money going and what will be it be used for?  Is my money going to be used to “cash out” others?

A: The funds from the CRYPTICS CRP sales will be utilized for the product development and market launch. CRYPTICS promises to treat the participation in transparent way and to regularly inform the CRYPTICS CRP token holders about the financial state and implementation state of all CRYPTICS-internal projects.

Q: What specific rights come with my participation?

A: The purchase of the CRYPTICS CRP tokens does not involve voting rights on the development of the company. CRP CRYPTICS can be utilized to acquire CRYPTICS platform services or to trade it on the exchanges where CRP is going to be listed. CRYPTICS team is currently securiting the trading opportunities with leading exchanges of cryptoassets and will launch the trading after ITO. Full list of the exchanges where CRP token will be listed will be made available before ITO process starts.

Q: Are there financial statements?

A: If so, are they audited, and by whom? CRYPTICS is young company; first financial statements will made available in Q1/2018 to track the performance of the company

Q:Is there trading data?  If so, is there some way to verify it?

A: CRYPTICS ITO has not yet been issued hence no trading data available. Daily trading statistics will be made available 1 day after ITO finalization.

Q: How, when, and at what cost can I sell my participation? 

A: There is no ‘refund’ for the token purchased after CRYPTICS ITO process has been finalized.

CRP tokens can be used to acquire CRYPTICS services (traded in for service).

Tokens will be traded on the cryptoasset exchanges while the trading value will be defined by the market demand and supply mechanisms. CRP token holders are free to participate in the market by acquiring and selling CRP tokens.

Q: If a digital wallet is involved, what happens if I lose the key?  Will I still have access to my tokens? 

A: The CRYPTICS token acquired by the ITO participants will be assigned to the participants via their own ETH wallet. Private key and passwords are in responsibility of the ITO participants since CRYPTICS has no influence on it.

Q: Has the offering been structured to comply with the securities laws and, if not, what implications will that have for the stability of the enterprise and the value of my tokens?

A: Those acquiring the CRYPTICS tokens should understand that CRYPTICS token has neither been registered with SEC in USA nor with similar bodies around the globe. There are diverse interpretation of whether ITO tokens are classified as securities or as utilities. CRYPTICS treats its tokens not as security. Binding interpretation from SEC (USA) or similar bodies is not existent.

Q: What legal protections may or may not be available in the event of fraud, a hack, malware, or a downturn in business prospects?  Who will be responsible for refunding my participation if something goes wrong?

A: CRYPTICS has obliged itself to comply to the strict rules and legislation of Scotland and Europen Union with regard to the data privacy and security. Cryptographic tokens that possess value in public markets, such as ETH/BTC/LTC, have demonstrated extreme fluctuations in price over short periods of time on a regular basis. A Purchaser of CRYPTICS tokens should be prepared to expect similar fluctuations, both down and up, in the price of CRYPTICS tokens denominated in ETH or United States dollars (“USD”) or currencies of other such jurisdictions. Such fluctuations are due to market forces and represent changes in the balance of supply and demand. CRYPTICS Team cannot and does not guarantee market liquidity for CRYPTICS tokens and therefore there may be periods of time in which CRYPTICS tokens is difficult to trade. Additionally, due to different regulatory dictated in different jurisdictions and the inability of citizens of certain countries to open accounts at exchanges located anywhere in the world, the liquidity of CRYPTICS tokens may be markedly different in different countries and this would likely be reflected in significant price discrepancies.

Q: If I do have legal rights, can I effectively enforce them and will there be adequate funds to compensate me if my rights are violated?

A: For details please refer to the Terms and Conditions. CRYPTICS team commits to solve or disputes and resolutions in amicable manner. If needed, the arbitrary court of Scotland will be involved to solve the dispute. CRYPTICS will be registered in Scotland and complies with European legislation and EU Guidleines.