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To apply blockchain technology, the state will need to create its own blockchain platform, which does not imply mining, said Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Kozyrev during the forum “Crypto-medium”. According to him, this will solve the problem of long-term storage of documents and identification. Kozyrev said that the platform should be single and universal.


According to Tokendata, over 50% of all blockchain platforms that were created have already gone bankrupt and have disappeared. If we say that the state wants to use blockchain technology, then we cannot count on any platforms that are created by commercial organizations, because these platforms are very, very unreliable, so we understand that we need to create a platform of blockchain for ourselves so that there is guaranteed possibility to trust this platform and to be sure that it will not disappear ,” said Alexey Kozyrev.


The Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications said that blockchain is necessary first of all to ensure the processes of processing, using, and exchanging data to create some products and services. The state keeps huge volumes of personal data of citizens, which do not go out of the state sector, although many commercial organizations want to use this data.


First of all, we are talking about banks as the data is needed to build a credit process and reduce risks. Personal data is needed for cellular operators, for professional securities participants, etc. But this data must be protected and used only with the permission of the personal data subject.


Kozyrev pointed out that in case of any services deployed on an open public blockchain system, where personal data will be used, there must be a certainty that this data is properly protected. And this can be done on the state platform


“Personal data will not be present in public access and will be stored in a protected circuit. At the same time, we can use hashes from this data on our system, which will allow us to verify the authenticity of the data without revealing them,” said Alexei Kozyrev.

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“There will be no mining, we will use proof-of-authority to find a consensus on transactions, that is, from a speculative-commercial point of view, this platform will not be of interest to market participants, and accordingly our trusted nodes will provide consensus in this system” Kozyrev added.


The deputy minister of communications and mass communications said that one of the first applications of the blockchain system could be the electronic document storage system. “Now transaction data in electronic form is signed with a digital signature and stored as long as the electronic signature is valid. The document is unchanging. Blockchain is a great way of solving the problem of long-term storage of electronic documents.”


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