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ESET specialists found a popular fraudulent miner application, which steals money earned from users.


Experts in the field of information security investigated the Monero Miner (XMR) program for devices running on Android. Developers from the My Portable Software company offered users to extract Montero cryptocurrency through a mobile browser. As it turned out later, the money was actually extracted, but all the earned money went into the pocket of the programmers, even if the owners of the smartphones indicated their own wallets in the settings.


According to analysts, the program managed to get installed on the devices of more than 50 thousand users. ESET employees told about the fraud to the representatives of Google, after which the Monero Miner (XMR) was removed from the official application store.


In order not to enrich the intruders, experts advise novice miners to study application reviews more closely, and also to install mobile antivirus software.

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