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Tokensale Rounds and Bonus

public pre seed round Dec 9 - 24Status: doneBonus: distributed
Private pre seed round 1Dec 27 - 31Status: doneBonus: distributed
Private pre seed round 2Jan 01 - 07Status: doneBonus: distributed
Private pre seed round 3Jan 08 - 14Status: doneBonus: distributed
Private pre seed round 4Jan 15 - 21Status: running nowBonus: 80 %
Private pre seed round 5Jan 22 - 29Status: starting soonBonus: 78 %Min.: 1 ETH
Private pre seed round 6Jan 30 - Feb 5Status: starting soonBonus: 76 %Min.: 1 ETH
Private pre seed round 7Feb 6 - 12Status: starting soonBonus: 74 %Min.: 1 ETH
Private pre seed round 8Feb 13 - 19Status: starting soonBonus: 72 %Min.: 1 ETH
Pre ITOMar 01 - 21Status: starting soonBonus: 30 %Min.: open
ITOApr 1 - 21Status: starting soonBonus: 25 %Min.: open

Current stage process

To participate in Cryptics private token sale follow the simple instructions below:

1. Transfer ETH/BTC to the addresses stated in

For ETH transactions, it is recommended to set Gas Limit to 250 000 and GAS PRICE to 30-45 GWEI minimum. By participating you agree on Terms and Conditions

Token price & Hardcap

Token Price in ETH: 1 CRP = 0.001 ETH without Bonus
Token Price in BTC: 1 CRP = 0.00006 BTC without Bonus
Hardcap for private rounds: 500 ETH/30 BTC

2. Fill out the form so we can identify your wallets:

Prototype results - our forecasts

Cryptics explained in 70 seconds

Cryptics in figures



Forecasts done







The Ultimate Decision Assistant

Cryptics closes the gap between knowledge and capital on a P2P basis to get the crypto market on a new level in the world economy.

Decentralized data collection

P2P network collects data based on blockchain and participate on the success

Influencer and Top Trader Data

Collecting data of the best movers on the market

Machine Learning

Each day Cryptics gets smarter for your next forecast


Set your goals and tactics and get your custom forecasts

PR & Social signals

Collecting and analysing the un/& official information from relevant sources

Only vital info

Cryptics shows you only important information to make your next moves in market

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Ultimate crypto analytics

What will happens tomorrow on the crypto market? Note 02.08.2017 - Cause of high interest - its could take few days till we get in touch.

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December 2016
Idea and research

  • - Development of the Cryptics idea
  • - Research work
  • - Data collection

Q1-Q2 2017
Start of the development

  • - Testing the mathematical models
  • - ML&DL testing on collected data
  • - First forecasts
  • - Adding the news and social data sources
  • - Team hiring
  • - AI conception

Q3-Q4 2017
ICO Preparation

  • - Token and wallet development on Etherium basis
  • - Enlarge the team with experts in ML&DL, UX, Marketing, Business Development
  • - Prepare ICO (Whitepaper, Website, Marketing)
  • - Hello World for the MvP in Nov. 2017

Tokensale & Beta Production

  • - Tokensale Q1 2018
  • - AI development for forecast improvements
  • - Launch portfolio feature
  • - Marketing activities over the world
  • - Attracting AI experts groups on a competitive basis
  • - Cryptics tokens as payment for forecast service

Automatization & funds

  • - Full bot's integration for all market transactions
  • - Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure
  • - Automatically portfolio management based on KPI forecast

Q1-Q2 2020

  • - Full version is ready and starting next level of development
  • - Adding more real-time signals from media to increase the speed of forecasts to real world meanings
  • - Over 30 000 transactions per month based on forecasts

Q3-Q4 2020
Decentralized funds

  • - Launch of the dezentralized funds managed by Cryptics users
  • - Based on AI forecasts and auto-management
  • - Earning on forecasts, fund infrastructure and marketing for the funds


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Bounties in percentage out of 3% of total amount of tokens


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Our team on the expert way of crypto, fintech and analytics market

Stanislav Maer

Projectmanagement IT & Marketing

Oleg Tereshenko

Strategic & Process Management

Maxim Maslennikov

AI Software Architect

Alex Voronetsky

Finanсial Analyst
Product development

Valerii Hirda

PPC Expert

Yaroslaw Homenko

Data scientist
Algorithm development

Head of R&D

Quant trader

Andrew Konstantin

UX Expert
Product Frontend

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Data scientist
Scientific Research

Andrew Gurar

Fund Infrastructure Manager
Product development

Advisory board

Our Trading, Blockchain and Business Advisory Team

Ryan Scott

ICO expert
entrepreneur, investor & author

Sergei Holmeckis

Finance expert
Business development

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Technologies inside

Technology partners

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